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Welcome to the heart of Borderline Syndrom, where our dedicated team works tirelessly to bring light to the complexities of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Our mission is to provide support, educate, and share stories that resonate with those affected by BPD. Get to know the passionate individuals behind the content.

Theresa – Editor-in-Chief

Theresa is the visionary force behind Borderline Syndrom, steering our content towards excellence and integrity. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of BPD, she ensures that our articles, stories, and resources offer our readers valuable insights, hope, and guidance. Theresa’s leadership not only shapes our editorial direction but also fosters a space where voices on BPD are heard and respected.

Val – Expert Writer

Val brings a wealth of knowledge and empathy to our team, crafting articles that touch the heart and enlighten the mind. As an expert writer, she dives deep into the subjects of BPD, offering informative and deeply relatable perspectives. Val’s contributions are instrumental in making complex psychological concepts accessible to our audience, helping to foster understanding and compassion.

Paul – Author

Paul is a storyteller at heart, sharing narratives illuminating the lived experiences of those with BPD. His work encompasses a range of topics, from personal journeys to the challenges and triumphs faced by individuals navigating life with BPD. Paul’s authentic and engaging writing style invites readers into the world of BPD, promoting awareness and empathy.

Isla – Author

Isla’s writings reflect a profound connection to the BPD community, offering solace and understanding to those who feel isolated by their struggles. Her articles explore the nuances of relationships, healing, and self-discovery, all through the lens of BPD. Isla’s compassionate approach to storytelling encourages readers to embrace their journey with hope and resilience.

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Our team at Borderline Syndrom is committed to shedding light on Borderline Personality Disorder and supporting our community through education and empathy. We invite you to explore our site, engage with our content, and become part of the conversation. Together, we can make a difference.

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